Concealed Carry Laptop Bag
Concealed Carry Laptop Bag
Concealed Carry Laptop Bag

Concealed Carry Laptop Bag

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Every busy professional need a high-quality laptop case, and if you are looking for one with the most top-notch protection, look no further. This padded laptop briefcase is heavily padded on both sides and all edges to ensure that your laptop doesn’t suffer any damage as you move with it on the go. For professional or personal reasons, people with firearms can store most compact to duty sized semi autos in the holster within the case. In addition to that, there’s a special compartment for a LevelIIIA body armor panel, measuring 10’ x 12’. WIth lockable zip pulls, designated areas for office supplies, and an adjustable shoulder strap, this bag will help you keep together everything you need in a day’s work. 



  • Padded Laptop Briefcase with a CCW compartment, a holster, and a compartment for a Level IIIA 10”X12” body armor panel.
  • Laptop compartment interior measures 13.25”W X 10.5”H x 1.25”D. Thickly padded on both sides and on the edges sides/top/bottom to help protect the laptop.
  • Laptop Compartment also has a separate compartment for a Level IIIA 10.0” X 12.0” body armor panel.
  • "CCW compartment measures 12.5”W X 8.5”H X 1.4”D, with lockable metal zipper pulls. CCW compartment has a couple of interior pockets for pens and office items. CCW compartment has a large sewn in loop fastener patch section for the hook fastener holster that is included. Holster fits most subcompact to duty sized semi autos. "
  • "There is a 2.0” strap on back strap to secure the CCW Briefcase to the rollable luggage handles. "
  • Adjustable shoulder strap is included. Length is adjustable from 25”L - 47”L